Wildcard Wednesday – 5/17/2022

Scenario: A 7.2 earthquake has occurred off the coast of Eureka causing major damage to local infrastructure. Landslides have severed internet connections and knocked out cell towers. Communication systems are down. Your neighbor knowing you are a ham radio operator has come to you. They want to let their family out of the area know that they are ok but they cant make any calls or send any emails and have asked if you could help them.Your neighbor John Smith asked if you could send a message to his daughter Jane Smith and let them know that even though he … Continue reading “Wildcard Wednesday – 5/17/2022”

“Wildcard Wednesday” Check – In Details *3/16/22*

For this weeks check in assignment, send a standard check in message to KN6CEI. I also request that you check and update your contacts list in Winlink and make sure everyone you have is up to date as well as adding new emergency email contacts (preferably email addresses outside of Winlink) to your list. We will be using these contacts you add in an upcoming net to keep your whitelist updated and make sure you can communicate with your emergency contacts for times of need.

Peer-to-Peer Winlink

This is a great video by OH8STN on using Vara for peer-to-peer Winlink. Enjoy!

Holiday Net Schedule 2021

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! With the holiday season approaching I am going to put this net on cruise control until after the new year. What does this mean? It means that this message will serve as your Winlink assignment for this week and all of December. I will not be sending out weekly assignment reminders all December. Please continue to check in on Wednesdays by using standard check in format or a form of your choice. Use this time to check in new ways (new forms, new bands). It’s your choice! I will still acknowledge your check in each week by … Continue reading “Holiday Net Schedule 2021”

Humboldt Winlink Wednesday Text Message Drill – 9/22/2021

Here is this weeks exercise: Practice sending text messages to your own cell phone. If you do not use text messaging, you can send a message to my cell phone using the address in my example your received in this weeks Winlink message. I will reply back to you confirming receipt. The second part of the exercise is talking with you emergency contacts and finding out what cell providers they have and getting the address recorded either in your Winlink contacts or with pen and paper. It is up to you if you want to send messages to them to … Continue reading “Humboldt Winlink Wednesday Text Message Drill – 9/22/2021”

Humboldt Amateur Radio Club Summer 2021 Winlink Field Exercise

September 5, 2021 This last weekend, September 5, 2021, members of the Humboldt Amateur Radio Club participated in a Winlink field exercise. Members set up portable stations from Eureka to Trinidad and were given real world tasks to gather data and report that data to net control using Winlink P2P FM. The exercise was successful even though all stations experienced some problems. We were able to work through the problems to complete the task. You can read about it and see pictures of the portable stations in this after action report written by Anthony KG6LHW. If you are interested in … Continue reading “Humboldt Amateur Radio Club Summer 2021 Winlink Field Exercise”

Humboldt Winlink Wednesday Peer-2-Peer Schedule for 8/18/2021

Morning: 0700-0900: 3565 kHz Dial Frequency, 3566.5 kHz Center Frequency using VARA HF0900-1100: 147.540 MHz Simplex using VARA FM Evening: 1700-1900: 147.540 MHz Simplex using VARA FM1900-2100: 3565 kHz Dial Frequency, 3566.5 kHz Center Frequency using VARA HF

Humboldt Winlink Wednesday Wrap Up *8/4/2021*

Thanks to everyone that checked into the net yesterday and for visiting the new website. Dennis W6DLW messaged me about a Winlink training he is taking on Zoom with LAX ARES. The classes are every Sunday and go through August 29, 2021. Information and the recordings of the training can be viewed at http://www.wavetalkers.com. Thank you Dennis for the info! There are several fires creating problems in northern California and as I write this, Humboldt County’s power is being supplied by a local plant due to lines being shut off from the Monument fire in Trinity County. Be prepared. We … Continue reading “Humboldt Winlink Wednesday Wrap Up *8/4/2021*”

Welcome to the Humboldt Winlink Wednesday Site!

The Humboldt Winlink Wednesday Net was started to encourage amateur radio operators to become familiar with and expand their skills using Winlink. What is Winlink? From the Winlink website (linked to the right)… Winlink “is a network of amateur radio and authorized government-licensed stations that provides worldwide radio email using radio pathways where the internet is not present.” Participation is accomplished by sending the check in message via Winlink to the net control station KN6CEI. Net control will send a weekly reminder via Winlink to net participants on Tuesday along with that weeks assignment and a wrap up message on … Continue reading “Welcome to the Humboldt Winlink Wednesday Site!”