Welcome to the Humboldt Winlink Wednesday Site!

The Humboldt Winlink Wednesday Net was started to encourage amateur radio operators to become familiar with and expand their skills using Winlink. What is Winlink? From the Winlink website (linked to the right)… Winlink “is a network of amateur radio and authorized government-licensed stations that provides worldwide radio email using radio pathways where the internet is not present.” Participation is accomplished by sending a simple check in message via Winlink to the net control station KN6CEI. Net control will send a weekly reminder on Tuesday along with that weeks assignment and a wrap up message on Thursday with the net results and any other announcements.

Each Wednesday send a check in message in the following format: CALLSIGN, FIRST NAME, CITY, COUNTY, STATE, WINLINK MODE (Vara, Ardop, Pactor, Telnet, etc.).

All participants are highly encouraged to send their message via RF. Telnet (internet connection) should be reserved for beginners or amateurs with Technician licenses that do not have a nearby node within their frequency privileges.

In addition to the weekly check in, stations may be asked to perform additional tasks which is aimed at improving the operators proficiency at using Winlink. The most important thing about this net is to learn and HAVE FUN!!!

Thank you for visiting and I hope to see you on the log!