Humboldt Winlink Wednesday Text Message Drill – 9/22/2021

Here is this weeks exercise:

Practice sending text messages to your own cell phone. If you do not use text messaging, you can send a message to my cell phone using the address in my example your received in this weeks Winlink message. I will reply back to you confirming receipt. The second part of the exercise is talking with you emergency contacts and finding out what cell providers they have and getting the address recorded either in your Winlink contacts or with pen and paper. It is up to you if you want to send messages to them to confirm it works (recommended). Last, for your check in, report back your results.

Useful links:

Using Winlink to send a text message

Carrier Lookup – Find the original carrier of “off brand” provider (straight talk, simply mobile, etc.)

A good youTube tutorial on using the SMS-text message form in Winlink

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