Wildcard Wednesday – 5/17/2022


A 7.2 earthquake has occurred off the coast of Eureka causing major damage to local infrastructure. Landslides have severed internet connections and knocked out cell towers. Communication systems are down. Your neighbor knowing you are a ham radio operator has come to you. They want to let their family out of the area know that they are ok but they cant make any calls or send any emails and have asked if you could help them.
Your neighbor John Smith asked if you could send a message to his daughter Jane Smith and let them know that even though he lost several possessions, he is ok and will talk to her when the phones come back. John gave you Jane’s email, kn6cei@arrl.net. Use the Welfare Message form and fill out for John to pass the message to Jane.

Your check in will be complete when you send the form which will find its way into my inbox. I hope you enjoy this weeks exercise and learning about one of the forms available.

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