Saved Forms and Favorite Template Creation

This week we will learn how to create a saved, preloaded form for checking in to the net. We will also learn how to create a favorite template to quickly access templates that we frequently use.

To create a saved form, start a new message and open a template as you normally would (ICS 213). Fill out the form with all the required information but leave out the time and date. You will enter that each time you load the saved form. Click Save INITIAL data on the lower left. You will be prompted to rename the form to whatever you choose. Next, depending on how you are configured to save downloads online, you will save the form onto your computer. Save it to a spot that is easy to remember and access. To load your saved form, click Load INITIAL Data on the top of the template and navigate to where you saved your file and open. Enter the date and time and you are ready to submit!

The following describes how to create a favorite template link. On the main Winlink screen, under Message, select Set Favorite Templates. You have the option of saving 4 different templates. Name them how you choose and use the Browse to select the template you want. It will bring up the template manager so you can select your template as you normally would. Click Save. Now, when you create a new message, you will see a link to your template on the menu bar of the message screen. It will immediately open the template where you can now quickly load the saved template you created earlier.

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