Wildcard Wednesday Map from 3/15/23

As promised, here is the map that was generated by Winlink Express using the Winlink Check In forms that were submitted. There were 27 check ins for the week but there doesn’t seem to be that many markers on the map. I must have some more learning to do myself and experimenting with filters. There are no labels on the image but I can tell you that while interacting with the map on the program, I can hover over a marker and get all the information from the form to appear. Thanks to all for participating in this exercise. I’d like to do more mapping check ins in the future.

This is the wide view of all the check ins mapped from this week.

A zoomed in regional look at the map. No, the marker in the ocean was not on a boat when they checked in. I’m assuming there was a typo on the longitude or they were just having some fun.

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